How to Make an APPOINTMENT to Meet Modi: A 10 Step Guide

How to Make an APPOINTMENT to Meet Modi: 10 Best ways to meet PM Modi


It can be an amazing experience to meet a prominent politician like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but for most people, it often seems like an impossible dream. But if you follow the right steps, scheduling a meeting with Modi is absolutely possible. In this article, we will go over how to get a meeting with the esteemed prime minister step by step and offer helpful advice to help you make the most of the opportunity.

How to Make an APPOINTMENT to Meet Modi:

1. Researching the Purpose of Your Meeting:

It is important to understand why you want to meet Prime Minister Modi before beginning this journey. Are you speaking on behalf of an organization, promoting a cause, requesting help, or simply expressing your own opinion? Knowing the purpose of your meeting will help you tailor your request and ensure your time with the Prime Minister is productive and meaningful.

2. Selecting the Proper Channel:

It is important to choose the right channel to submit your request for a meeting with the prime minister. For these inquiries, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is the main point of contact. You can either send a physical letter to their address or submit your application via their official website: ( 

3. Writing the Letter of Request:

You need to write a strong, well-written letter to convince the Prime Minister’s office to pay attention to your request. Keep the letter brief and polite while stating the meeting’s purpose explicitly, and send it to a given address:

South Block, Raisina Hill

New Delhi-110011

Phone No.: +91-11-23012312

Fax: +91-11-23019545,23016857

 Make sure to draw attention to any noteworthy contributions you have made or the meeting’s potential impact. Remember, conciseness and clarity are essential.

4. Applying the AIDA Formula:

Use the AIDA formula—attention, interest, desire, and action—to strengthen the persuasiveness of your request letter. You should start by grabbing the reader’s attention, then explain why the meeting is important, show off the benefits, and end with a call to action that asks for a specific time and date for the meeting.

5. Submitting the Request:

When your letter is prepared, send it in using the specified method. Make sure all the necessary information is provided accurately. Additionally, if you possess any connections or references that could potentially support your request, include them in your submission.

6. Having Patience:

After submitting your request, it’s essential to be patient and understanding of the process. It could take some time for your request to be reviewed and handled because the Prime Minister’s schedule is very busy. Do not send the office a ton of follow-up messages; doing so might make it more difficult for you to get the appointment. 

7. Getting Confirmation:

You will get a confirmation from the Prime Minister’s office if your request is granted. This confirmation will typically include the date, time, and location of the meeting, along with any specific instructions you need to follow. Be sure to acknowledge the confirmation promptly and express your gratitude for the opportunity.

8. Preparing for the Meeting:

Make careful preparations as the meeting date draws closer. To support your discussion points, do some research on current issues and regulations. Make an effort to express yourself clearly and with confidence. Any materials or documents you wish to present during the meeting should be prepared.

9. Meeting Prime Minister Modi:

Arrive well before the meeting’s start time on the day of the meeting. When meeting someone, dress formally as appropriate and act with professionalism and respect. Keep eye contact and extend a firm handshake as you welcome the prime minister. Maintain your attention and make effective use of the previously planned agenda items.

10. Writing a Thank You Note:

Send a sincere note of gratitude to the prime minister after the meeting, expressing your gratitude for the chance to speak with him. Reiterate the discussion’s main points and reiterate your dedication to the cause or goal you previously stated.


Meeting with a prominent figure like Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an extraordinary opportunity to voice your concerns, share ideas, and contribute to the nation’s growth. Keep in mind that getting an appointment requires time, persistence, and careful planning. You can improve your chances of having a fruitful and successful meeting with the Prime Minister by following this step-by-step guide and incorporating the AIDA formula into your request letter. So go ahead, take the plunge, and contribute to India’s future. All the best! 



Q: Is it really possible for an ordinary citizen to meet Prime Minister Modi?

Yes, if they follow the right procedures and channels, a regular person can meet Prime Minister Modi.

Q: Can I meet Prime Minister Modi for personal reasons?

It might be difficult to get an appointment for personal reasons, but if your case is strong, it may be worthwhile to try.

Q: How long does it take to get a response after requesting an appointment?

The response time can vary depending on the Prime Minister’s schedule and availability. It might take several weeks or even months.

Q: What are some tips to make a lasting impression during the meeting?

The Prime Minister will respond favorably if you are well-prepared, polite, and succinct in your discussion.

Q: Are there any specific topics I should avoid discussing during the meeting?

Avoiding sensitive political topics or anything that might be viewed as controversial is always a good idea.

Q: Can I take photographs with Prime Minister Modi during the meeting?

There are strict and frequently imposed restrictions on photography during meetings with the prime minister. If required, ask for permission in advance.

Q: How long does it typically take to get an appointment?

 A: Depending on the Prime Minister’s schedule, the process could take a few weeks or even months.

Q: Is there a guarantee that I will get an appointment? 

A: Regrettably, there is no guarantee due to the Prime Minister’s busy schedule with numerous duties.

Q: What happens if my request is declined? 

A: If your request is denied, respect the decision and do not submit it again.

Q: Can I ask for a video conference instead of a face-to-face meeting?

 If an in-person meeting is not practical, virtual meetings might be an option in some cases.

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